Backing up business data

Data and information are one of the most valuable assets for each company. Backing them up is now very important because of the ever-growing threat of virus ransomware encrypting files so that they can’t be opened afterwards. However, many companies irresponsibly access their data and back it up either irregularly and unsystematically or not at all. Data loss can have very serious consequences for the company and therefore we strongly recommend that you address this issue before a problem arises.

There are currently several options for backing up your data:

  • Backup of data to the cloud – cloud solutions can be used when fast internet is available. For example, 1TB-per-user OneDrive is available in MS Office 365. The advantage of this solution is that the user also has an Office license and data storage in one package.
  • Backup of data to a NAS device – this device is plugged into the corporate network and provides backup options for all devices on the corporate network.
  • Backup of data to an external disk – we recommend this method of backup for one device (including server). The advantage is that the disc can be taken away from the workplace.

When backing up data, rule 3-2-1 also applies:

  • Have at least 3 copies of data.
  • Save copies to 2 different locations.
  • Have 1 deposit outside the registered office of the company.
A different data backup solution is suitable for each company. With an individual solution, tailor-made for your company, our experienced experts will be happy to advise you. Contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions and propose a solution.