How to secure corporate WIFI from possible attacks

Researchers have uncovered serious security flaws in WPA2 – the most widely used security technology that provides the vast majority of wifi networks in the world. These deficiencies allow potential attackers to access information that should be encrypted and protected. This can be used to track activities, steal sensitive files, data and emails, steal data such as passwords or credit card information, or install ransomware or malware. This kind of attack is called KRACK from the English “Key Reinstallation AttaCK”.

Does this apply to our companies?

This problem with regard to the expansion of WPA2 concerns almost every wifi network, i.e. also the networks of the vast majority of Slovak companies. It follows from the above that the security of the wifi connection should be checked by each company.

What to do to restore wifi security?

To prevent possible KRACK attacks, we recommend the following steps:
  • check the current network security status
  • if up-to-date updates from the manufacturer are available, install them immediately – most of the world’s leading wifi device manufacturers have already responded to this problem with up-to-date updates
  • if the current network has several security risks, it is necessary to design a new secure wifi network
  • then set a higher level of security and user authorization on the server.

The Hurican Company does all these measures automatically for all clients within corporate IT management. If you are concerned about the security of your corporate wifi network, would like to consult our experts, or are considering the possibility of outsourcing the management of your corporate IT, do not hesitate to contact us.